The Dragget Show is a half hour weekly comedy podcast hosted by Alkali Bismuth and Xander The Blue. Billing itself as "The furry podcast for weirdos" the topics of discussion for the Dragget Show are here, there, and everywhere.

It has been going since December of 2011 and is still running weekly (sometimes) with live shows at multiple cons every year.

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The Dragget Show, in addition to its weekly podcasts, has several special segments including:

The Dragget Show Live - a live variant of the normal studio casts done at conventions with a live crowd

Dungeons & Draggets - an ongoing D&D campaign starring Alkali as the GM, Xander as Jaka the dragon monk, Miko as Jay Blue the human rogue, John as Tarbin the dwarven fighter, Maci and Ashton the human ranger, and Dusty Moongazer as Twitch Tinkerfoot the halfling bard.

Fireside streams - once a month livestreams featuring Alkali, Xander, and friends around a fire pit at Alkali's house.

Cooking with Alkali - exactly what it sounds like, Alkali in the kitchen showing how to make something, often with far too much butter.

Dragget Plays - Alkali and/or Xander livestreaming a game.

Surprise streams - random streams that are announced when they go live often featuring Alkali and Xander relaxing and chatting with their fans after work.

What the Flix? - a new segment featuring Xander reviewing a movie from Netflix.

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