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== Items ==
[[Ever-full Flask]]
[[Helevive's Communication Amulet]]
[["The Orb"]]
[[Sauron's Eye]]
[[Galaxy Flute]]
[[Telegram Scrolls]]
[[Kabar's Boots of the Battle Master]]
[[Elwin's Lightning Cane]]

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A Dungeons and Dragons campaign created and GM'd by Alkali. Players are Xander as Jaka the dragon monk, Miko as Jay Blue the human rogue, John as Tarbin the dwarven fighter, Maci as Ashton the human ranger, and Dusty Moongazer as Twitch Tinkerfoot the halfling bard.

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Episodes Edit

See Dungeons and Draggets episode list

Characters Edit

Player characters

Jaka the dragon monk - played by Xander the Blue

Jay Blue the human rogue - played by Miko Paintytail

Tarbin the dwarven fighter - played by John

Ashton the human ranger - played by Maci

Twitch Tinkerfoot - played by Dusty Moongazer



"Nuke Fairy"

Cirque de Surprise's Master

Drunk Kid

Bootless Dwarf


Kabar Lex

Walter Shields



Captain Pulse Kaier

Gentermorty Guard Receptionist


Items Edit

Ever-full Flask

Helevive's Communication Amulet

"The Orb"

Sauron's Eye

Galaxy Flute

Telegram Scrolls

Kabar's Boots of the Battle Master

Elwin's Lightning Cane

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